Fleet Management Solutions

Vehicle tracking solutions

Real Time Tracking

A GPS based tracking solution that helps you solve the most common concern of fleet management, that is knowing the current location of your vehicle. It helps your fleet operation teams to work effectively and efficiently.


The feature is absolutely essential for the management. Several types of reports can be generated to enable the management to plan and improve efficiency to save fleet operation costs

Geo Fencing

Place boundaries around important locations on the map to identify and trigger events to enable a higher level of fleet management


An important feature to alert or inform of specific events that require special monitoring that occur during operations, to often help with business critical decisions.


The feature gives your fleet management team the freedom to attend to several tasks simultaneously without having to monitor the vehicle constantly. It also lets you investigate issues that occurred earlier and identify and prevent future issues.


Depending on the tracking device used, several sensors can be added to enhance the tracking information for higher levels of data and controls


Mark out routes for critical deliveries to enable alerts if any diversion happens, this helps avoid constant monitoring for important deliveries.

Vehicle remote functions

Allows certain features ( including vehicle engine cut-off) to be remotely actioned as an additional function.

Driver Management

Driver’s performance based on their quality of driving allows better efficiency in fleet management in the long run

Vehicle Maintenance

Tracking of service, insurance, fitness renewal reminders can be set based on kms or time period

Importance of tracking :

Vehicle tracking is essential to ensure best utilization of assets. Even a mere 10% improvement in overall utilization saves a vehicle owner thousands of rupees every month. Imagine being able to utilize your fleet like you have an extra vehicle for every 10 that you have.